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About Us

Nishant Sharmaa or better known as Healer Nishant is an IT engineer turned an Aura healer after having a spiritual awakening experience at the age of 16 years.

Since then he has been actively & passionately working on Integrating Science & Spirituality together to understand the world of energies and bring that knowledge and experience to the common man in simplest ways possible.

During his spiritual experience he gained the ability to SEE the energies around people usually called as the Vibes or Aura of a person. Using his ability he pin-points the exact root causes of the problems in people's life & gives them solutions to fix their aura. 

He has won many awards, got published in various newspapers & magazines and have written 2 books on the principles of Spirituality. 

Being a clairvoyant he can see the aura energies or vibes naturally with his eyes but to help you see what he sees, he uses latest Aura imaging technology to help you realize that you are more than Flesh & Blood, you are a spiritual being having a human experience and your energies literally create your reality.

He specializes in helping people reconnect with their Soul to identify the energetic blocks in their Aura and Clear them off using his 'C-CAP' method that he has developed over the course of 17+ years as an Aura healing expert. 

After working on more than 7000+ clients world wide he found that there are some 'Common energetic blocks of Money' which almost everyone has that STOPS them from becoming Financially Abundant in life, while doing what they Love.

Hence, Nishant created a "Financial Abundance Blueprint" program to help working professionals & business owners understand the basis of their energetic blocks of Money and how to remove them from their life and align with the energy of Abundance to become Financially abundant doing what they love. 

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