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"I Use Vibrational Healing To Help Remove Your Money Blockages & Help You Tune Into the Highest Abundance Frequency"

Is Your Current Vibrational Frequency holding you back?

We all have a unique vibrational field around us called as the Aura. This aura is a scientifically proven electro-magnetic field that works like an invisible magnet around us to attract situations, people & events in our life. 

In fact the aura contains the energetic blueprint about everything in our lives and vibrates on different levels between (0-1000 Hz) much like a sound wave that can be measured using aura imaging technology. 

Whenever our aura drops below 20Hz frequency we experience trauma or stress that creates an energetic blocks of Money in our energetic blueprint which then keeps attracting Negative events, Financial losses & debt and keep us STUCK in life and business.

However if we clear off these Energetic blocks of Money from our aura & raise our vibrational frequency of to higher levels (above 500 Hz) we experience Abundance, Financial growth and Miracles in our lives. 

It becomes easy to reach our financial goals because we are no longer doing only hard work, we start doing SMART WORK.

If you are struggling with Money, Debt, Financial losses, Inconsistent income or If your Money is going out sooner than it comes then you are STUCK in Lower vibrational levels. 

But there is a Proven way to Check your Current Vibrational Frequency & Raise your vibrations to Change your life.

There are 4 Specific levels of our vibration and each brings with it different levels of REALITY & EXPERIENCES.

If you are a Working Professional or a Business owner then you must attend this FREE Workshop in which you will learn about the : 


Who is Nishant Sharmaa? 

Nishant Sharmaa a.k.a Healer Nishant is an IT engineer turned a Spiritual healer after having a Third Eye Awakening experience at the age of 16years. 

Since then he has been passionately Integrating his Spiritual experiences & Scientific technologies to help people see and work with the energetic field to remove blocks and raise their vibrations and change their life.

He is an Award winning Aura reader & One of India's leading Aura healing expert with an experience of over 17+ years.

Through his Free Workshop & workshops he empowers people to find the ROOT CAUSES OF FINANCIAL STRUGGLE & then create a step-by-step Financial Abundance Blueprint for their Success.

Mission: To help 100,000 People Reconnect With Their Soul & Become Abundant Doing What They Love.

Core Expertise: Helping Business owners & Working Professionals Remove their ENERGETIC BLOCKS OF MONEY & Tune into the energy of ABUNDANCE.

How can he help you?

If you are sick & tired of being Financially Stuck in Life & Business  and Feel Overwhelmed or Anxious about- HARD WORK then read on...

If you are working hard in your Business or Job but still DO NOT GET THE RESULTS then...

It is quite possible that your AURA IS STUCK in a 'Low vibrational level' (Level 0 or 1 as described in the above picture) and because of that it is making you work harder than ever because if you are feeling STUCK then this energy will reflect in all aspects of your life like health, business, job, cash flow, profits etc.

You need to understand that your AURA ENERGY gets affected by a lot of things like: 

Your emotions, childhood beliefs, traumas, the stories that you believe TRUE about yourself even though they might be FALSE. Along with this there are also other factors which affect your Vibrational energy and may lower it down.

If you want to find the ROOT CAUSE behind 'Why you are not able to experience Financial Abundance in your Life' then: 

You need to first understand what are the Invisible factors affecting your AURA ENERGY because in reality, Our energy creates our life. We attract who we are, not what we want or think about in life. This is science.

This fact has been scientifically proven by numerous scientists & researchers around the world, the energy that we give out in the world acts like a magnet to attract people, events, situations in our lives. 

For example: If you get late to reach office and you are praying in your mind that 'I do not want to get STUCK in traffic today', that is the same day you will experience more traffic on roads and will end up feeling more anxious or restless and might even get stuck in a traffic jam. 

You end up taking the wrong decisions in life if your energy is not vibrating at the right level. However, if you are vibrating at a higher levels sometimes even the toughest of the problems fail to shake your inner peace of mind and you end up making the best decisions that can change the trajectory of your life. 

It is NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME and Results Vary from person to person. Results depends on how much you are willing to work on yourself and clear your ENERGETIC BLOCKS from your AURA. 

You will learn spiritual principles which are scientifically proven to help you Quickly identify the root causes of the energetic blocks in your aura energy and use the C-CAP method to Clear them off so that you can naturally vibrate at the level of ABUNDANCE.

If you are a Working Professional or a Business Owner then You must Attend this FREE 90 mins Masterclass in which I will share with you the:

"Top 3 Invisible forces that you have around you which are keeping you Financially Stuck in Life & Business"

Here are the top 3 reasons Why You Should Attend this: 

#Reason 1

Learn about the Science behind these forces and how they are silently working against you and creating the Financial debt and other problems in your life

# Reason 2

Find out about the various Vibrational states of your Aura and how they affect each and every area of your Life & Business

# Reason 3

Create a step-by-step Personal Financial Abundance Blueprint to Identify your Energetic Blocks of Money & Clear them from your life

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